“Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising."
- Jef Richards, Michigan State University


Sync Digital Solutions - Website Design

For those looking to have a presence on the web, without the high costs of custom code web development, we produce quality websites quicker than you'd expect using our library of industry specific designs as a starting point.

Just a few years ago, it required massive budgets and hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours to master your storefront on the web, AKA your website. Today it's a whole new world. Small businesses with limited budgets or those on a time crunch can get a modern and fully functional website quickly. No matter what, SYNC Digital Solutions will get you online quicker than you nearly any other design firm. How quick? Our average base website is completed in 7-days. Websites will a good degree of content take roughly 14-days. This is because our developers don't work 9 - 5. We work around the clock to complete your site.

We build flexible, scalable, and modern websites on various platforms, however we do not work with WordPress as there are now far superior platforms available. We've built websites for restaurants, nightclubs, car dealerships, apps, services, medical, government, and many other clients.

Your business needs a website; that is a certainty in the 21st century. The only question left to ask is, what are you waiting for?

For more advanced site features such as user logins, custom animations, and proprietary features, click here.

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common website design questions

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How much does Website Design Cost?

Prices vary greatly with website design. Our base level package is $999 + tax. The average design project is approximately $3499 + tax. It really depends on what you’d like to do. If you just need a place to direct traffic for more details about your business then our base level will do just fine for you. However, the more features and content you require the more the price will increase.

What's the Process Like?

Our Website Design process is easy for you, as the brand looking to make a statement on the web. First, we’ll get an agreement and MNDA together. Then we’ll ask you for any and all content (photos, videos, text, etc) that you may have. Once we get that information from you we will build a wireframe (like a blueprint). When you approve the wireframe we will design the site to match your branding. You’ll receive a link to follow along. When that stage is approved, we will implement the content. After that, we connect the domain and your site is live. So, as you can see you have full control along the way!

Can you take care of our company's website hosting?

Absolutely. For website design the hosting and where edits will be made are on the same platform. It’s easy peasy!

Do you offer free website and online marketing consultations?

We're happy to have an initial phone call with you to explore whether we might be a great match for your website design, development, or continual improvement project. The focus of the call will be learning about your needs and goals and ultimately determining whether it will make sense to continue the conversation.

Will we be able to maintain our website internally, or will you do that for us?

This is a great question. Our answer: What would work best for your company?  We offer two main website maintenance options:

Maintenance Option #1 - Maintenance by Sync: This option is recommended for companies who plan to have sites that won't require regular updating. We make updates to your site per your requests, and those updates are simply billed hourly (with a 30 minute minimum) or on a monthly retainer.

Maintenance Option #2 - Maintenance by You: This option is recommended for companies who plan to have sites that will require regular updates, changes, and additions. For this option, we integrate a powerful Content Management System (CMS) into your site that allows your team to quickly, easily, and securely update all of your content with the click of a few buttons.