What is Web/App Development?

Website and App Development is one of the most complicated processes on the web because the options are endless.


Need a members area? A large eComm site? Custom layouts? Specialty functions? You're now beyond website design, and in need of web dev. Sync's team are the best of the best ... and now it's your turn to find out why!

We focus on understanding the needs of both the brand and the customer to deliver user centric experiences that drive brand performance. Employing coding language and features such as CSS, Javascript, HTML, C++, Typescript, Directus, and more, Sync creates unique and magnificent custom websites.

Balancing form with function, our user-centric approach improves brand performance.

Many development companies dev for the web but don't consider your brand. Your website should be easy to use and feel like it's connect to all of your other work. With Sync, your customers will be #1 for us too!

Responsive experiences that will engage your audience and empower your brand.

Your website has to work across multiple screen sizes from 27" 4K monitors to tiny little mobile phones. Top that off with structure that search engines are looking for (did you know an _ instead of an - can hurt you on Google?) and that will place you higher on search.

Our development team at Sync think creatively using the most up to date and appropriate technology for your business requirements.

At times, we've found that the tech to achieve the functionality our clients want doesn't exist, so we invent it.

Award Winning
UI/UX Design
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Creative Technology
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Our website was complex to build. We wanted things just right and I commend the team at Sync for pulling through on the 2 year project.

Brendan T
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There are always hiccups with designing a website but Sync makes the process as easy as possible. We love our site!

Lauren S
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The challenge with an international brand is streamlining that info into one place. Sync did it, and did it lighting quick!

Jordan M
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I thought my idea was too crazy to be achieved, but SYNC was able to do the impossible and I couldn't be happier!

Matt S

Providing you with an Essential tool that will Drive Engagement.

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