What is Web Design?

Website design focuses exclusively on front-end, customer facing user experience (UI) and often starts with a template from our library of over 22,000. We'll design you a Ferrari.


To put things into perspective, this website is a great example of website design.

By being a Wix/Editor X Partner, we get access to a range of templated features that [as a regular consumer] you wouldn't have access to. This allows our team to stretch the boundaries of website design further than most companies.

The internet is complicated, of that there is no doubt. The worst part about tech as a whole is the bugs! It's infested with errors and broken features. If your site gets hit, we can fix the problems faster as a Wix/Editor X Partner. This means less downtime for you.

Being Wix/Editor X Partners, we can get to building as soon as we have your content. Our website design time is 42% faster than our average competitor as of a 2020 poll. We know the tools better than most, and that means we're Flash fast!

Staying ahead of the curve and trends is important in today's ever changing world of design. As a Wix/Editor X Partner, we have access to the latest and greatest technologies to ensure your site is a step above your competition's! 

Superior Design
Priority Support
Quick Turnaround
BETA Features

Providing you with an Essential tool that will Drive Engagement.

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our clients have to say!

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I have multiple businesses, and for each one I go to Sync for the design. They allow me to be creative while reigning me in on UX.

Kristen K
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We've built a lot of websites with Sync and each is better than the last. Our most recent redesign was so easy, I barely had a thing to do!

Mike K
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As a fashion designer, I am very specific about all kinds of design. Even with my rigid needs, Sync made the site work and it's beautiful.

Cynthia B
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SYNC was able to take my ideas and make them a reality! Their work on my business website has surpassed my expectations.

Jason D