Jay H - Chief Strategist

Jay thinks shit up and then works with the team to implement lofty goals and dreams. As the captain of the ship he continually re-develops his skill set and crafts campaigns and programs that enhance brands from his personal projects, to his client's.

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Sync Digital Solutions Operations Manager

Bailey H - Operations Manager

Bailey is the newest member of our Management team. She keeps things organized in the office, and if anyone steps out of line she drops elbows (figuratively speaking, of course ... most of the time). If you're a client, you'll get to know her well.

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Sync Digital Solutions PCR Manager

Ben G - PCR Manager

Ben is the man! He keeps our largest division running smoothly and ensures communication on our projects and client work is as smooth as silk. Ben is the longest running team member at Sync and specializes in Facebook ads.

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Sync Digital Solutions Web Development Manager

Brett N - Dev Manager

Brett cuts through code with deadly precision and ensures our web dev projects are on track. Coming to Sync from the MITT programming class, Brett was thrown into the role of lead dev with just under a year of experience, and he has definitely met the challenge.

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Sync Digital Solutions Leads Manager

Tyler T - Leads

Not everyone at a tech related company needs to be a techie; Tyler is proof of that. While he has terrible taste in baseball teams, he is a wiz at keeping our leads and CRM running smoothly ... even if he just learned what a CRM is less than 2 years ago.

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Sync Digital Solutions Media

Dave M - Media Production

Dave shoots video. Dave edits video. Dave produces video. Dave also shoots photos, edits them, and experiments with look books for both. Young and hungry, Dave is always trying out new things, even when the video is as corporate as corporate gets.

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Sync Digital Solutions Graphics Lead

Justin K - Graphics Lead

Justin Komosky is the second longest running employee of Sync. He has been mastering graphic design for well over a decade and is honestly a bit of a magician. Meeting hard deadlines with designs that will blow your mind ... that's just what he does.

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Sync Digital Solutions Graphics

Evan S - Graphics

Evan is one of those guys that looks at something and sees something else. He's drastically revamped our posting division and is slowly getting into After Effects. It's impressive what he has turned out for graphics on tight deadlines.

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Sync Digital Solutions PCR 1

Jafri M - PCR

Prince Jafri, as he's known back home got his very first job here at Sync. This marketing student has a completely different outlook on life and it enhances what we do in many ways. He's a hard worker, when he's not raving out in the office at night.

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Sync Digital Solutions PCR 2

Ashley S - PCR

The S stands for Styles ... which is probably one of the coolest last names ever. She came to Sync by way of Ben and there hasn't been a single day that our clients haven't said that she's a huge asset. Don't be surprised if she's Canada's 2nd female PM one day.

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Sync Digital Solutions Dev 1

Blake R - Dev

Michael Jordan + a basketball ... pure genius. Elon Musk + a tech business ... definitive genius. Tony Stark + his suits ... super genius. Blake + code ... well, you get the idea. Blake has literally solved the insolvable 3x in the last year. 🤯

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Sync Digital Solutions Dev 2

Dhruv S - Dev

"Sandstorm" is a young and hungry member of our dev team who has settled into a front-end specialty. Basically, he makes the sites he works on prettier than even he is. As a central member of our dev team, Dhruv is a driving force behind our tools.

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