Sync Studios

Where media magic is made.

Photo. Video. Podcasting. Editing.

800 sq ft with 3 colour walls, a podcast studio & computer lab.

The Space

  • Rolling 8’ x 8’ green, black and white solid screens with floor panels.

  • Custom corner, for any specialty order backgrounds or a feature brick wall that looks like a real building or back lane.

  • Basketball net for mid-session wait times.

  • TV with Playstation VR.

  • Secure and safe.

The Gear

  • 3 point professional video lighting with 2 ring lights.

  • Top-of-the-line iMac Pro with 2 monitors and maxed out specs making any project easy and quick to edit.

  • 4 point professional photography lighting.

  • 4-mic podcast studio with cameras, a large TV, headphones, and recording equipment through Garage Band.

  • Numerous props.

3 Studios in 1

Sync Studios was created to fill a need in the photography, videography and podcasting world of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Located next to Sync Digital Solutions, the studio is used in various productions.

We also have a team of photographers, videographers and technical staff that can make your next session a smash success!

(Below) Actual photos taken in our studio and edited by our team.

Take a Tour

Our studio is too damn pretty to not put it out there into the world in full colour!