The right post requires great content, stellar research, beautiful multimedia, and masterful timing. There is also a great deal of data analysis that goes into every post you put out into the world. Will you boost the post? To what demographic? Do you qualify for discounts? Sync takes care of the details. so that you don't have to.

Night owls, early risers, lunch breakers ... there are a variety of different people out there. Those online at 2pm are often different than the people logging in at 2am. Their common link is that they have questions. At Sync, we answer them 24/7. Make a sale at 3:30 in the morning while you sleep! That's called, living the dream!

The average social media student fresh out of college earns about $24/hour to start. They work 8-hours/day and can only achieve so much. Our agency is fully staffed & working around the clock, often for less that you'd pay that lone mouseman. You'll love having a team to take care of the of social tasks that come up for any brand!


Those That Don't Understand Social

You have a business to run, and zero time to learn what works best with the Facebook algorithm, or why Instagram's feed change is so crucial. We have many clients who don't want to understand the in's and out's of social, just like they didn't want to understand how a printing press worked. You've got other things to do.

Those That Don't Have Time for Social

You also have a business to run. You're savvy and probably have a profile or two. However, you also understand that social media optimization and consistency is hard work. You need a team to implement your ideas, and suggest campaigns based on the data. That's where we come in.

Network growth has gotten a bad rap over the years because of fake followers and bot accounts. There are agencies that actually make money off of these tactics. There is a legit way to grow online and Sync has perfected the model for maximum success. Whether automated or manual, we'll grow your social networks so your next message reaches more people. And, repeat.​

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Myspace (yes, it's still around); the list of social media networks is long. It's no wonder that over 80% of businesses say they use social media but have no plan in place or are confused. The key to good social presence is picking 2 - 3 networks and concentrating on providing quality content that your future customers want to see.

We specialize in full implementation of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also offer training on Snapchat and LinkedIn. Full implementation involves bringing people into your network, advertising, content creation, multimedia, and interaction (customer service; your customers, not ours). To be total in your strategy is to employ a winning formula that will benefit your company for years.

Training is available for platforms because we truly believe the only way to succeed wholly on these social platforms is to manage them on-site. Yes, we do it all but there are still great ways to engage your audience by bringing members of your team into the fold and strengthening your messaging. Then, there are those businesses who simply function better being entire in-house ... yes, we offer training in that case too!

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Remember when "they" said that the internet would make marketing (and life in general) easier? How wrong they were. Social media is probably the most complex form of marketing and advertising ever invented but can also be the most impactful to your bottom line. 

Social Media Management focuses on network management, growth, content, advertising, interaction, media management, and data analysis.

Ready to elevate your social media?

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Every venture I fund or manage has a thousand moving parts and a great deal of daily change. Sync's social team keep it together under pressure.

Noel B
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As a Marketing Manager for one of Canada's largest privately owned restaurant chains, I need a social team I can trust. Sync hits the mark!

Sync Digital Solutions Client Michael Kaye
Mike K
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I sell houses, it's what I do. I don't want to try and learn an entirely different industry. Sync handles digital marketing so I can do my job.

Sync Digital Solutions Client Ed Dale
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