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Social Media Management (SMM) For Your Business

We have managed over 1500 social media profiles at any given time for our clients. Client industries range from hospitality to industrial, event based to robotics. The most popular networks we work with include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (although we do work with other sites). We spend the first month learning all we can about your business, and building a profile. Once that stage of the process is complete, we use that profile to manage your entire social media from awareness to leads. If you want to, you'll never have to think about your social media again.

We fielded more than 70,000 comments on one customer’s social media in 3 months.
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Focused Marketing

Social media is not something you need to make time for as a side project. If executed properly, in many cases, social media can replace a large chunk of your advertising budget for less.

Your company should be looking to replace lead systems, customer service over the phone, and customer research tools with social media. The options are endless, but you need an organized and plugged in team to manage the many facets. That's where SYNC comes in.

The Social Ecosystem

  • Create content.
  • Distribute content.
  • Respond to those engaged with your message.
  • Manage PR effectively.
  • Attract new customers into your network.
  • Ensure staff are engaged and understand social.
  • Quarterly hyper-engagement techniques.
  • Create brand ambassadors.
  • Apply analytical data.
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Case Studies

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Interaction Management

A water park we work with needs our full range of services, but most of all, they were buried in customer service (interaction) requests from potential customers. They were having a hard time monetizing social.

Sync took over interaction, and in conjunction with other programs answers roughly 70,0000 customer requests every 3-months. We built a profile for the business, and an organized workflow. As a result, the business owner rarely checks social media anymore. Instead, she optimizes the areas of her business she specializes in.


Prairie 360's honeymoon period was over. The owner was looking for a way to increase reservations through a slow time of year, and go viral.

Our team developed a contest that would see over 3500 shares on social media that achieved a reach nearly double the population of the city the restaurant resided in. The concept was simple (mixed with some of our secret sauce). Get couples to share their "How We Met" stories, complete with an early picture of them. The winning couple would be taken care of on their anniversary. All other couples received gift certificates, which led to an uptick in reservations across the board. We even left the best for last ... The contest only applied to anniversaries for the month of August, and ran for 2 weeks. How's that for ROI?

Instagram Growth

A restaurant and sports bar knew the power of Instagram, but had stagnant growth on the social network. Not only was their account not attracting many new potential customers, but the few people that were following the account weren't a part of the target audience.

Through a strong content plan, and focused network growth plans, we were able to grow their network by 230%. Suddenly they had thousands of followers, hundreds of likes per post, and of course, more customers!


In a recent internal study of 650 North American social media users, it was discovered that a brand's response to tragedy would likely determine whether a customer would stick with the company or not.

Terrorist attacks, the death of an influencer, and other issues can shake up a company's social media. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their posts will be sensitive to issues, network growth will be appropriate, and interaction will be handled with class and care.