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Reservations Centric Website
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B2C/B2B Network Management
Product Centric PR
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What Does This Mean for Your Restaurant?

Well, simply put, you're not hiring us to put in 10 hours/month into your digital efforts. You are hiring SYNC to make sure you don't have to worry about digital marketing ever again. We are your digital problem solvers. Doesn't that sound fantastic? We'll take care of the campaigns, we'll make sure new people are exposed to your marketing message every single day, and whether someone interacts with your brand at 1pm or 1am, we'll be there to answer! That's what you're buying. You have a business to run, and should not have to worry about your website, social media, or online reputation. Still interested? Let's keep going to the good stuff.

In 3-months, 80% of reservations came in online, saving time and money.
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People Eating

Focused Marketing

You have food and beverage margins, and the only way to run a successful restaurant is to get diners through the doors. Our comprehensive programs take reservations, and potential diners in the area into consideration. By appealing to your core customer, and examining your audience, we are able to develop strategies to keep your customers coming back. After all, in the restaurant business it can cost 7x more to get new people in the doors.

We Come from the Restaurant Industry

Many at Sync have been servers, hostesses, managers, and cooks. We understand the subtle nuances of the food service industry from fast food, to fast casual, right up to fine dining. You can trust that we understand where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to be; your restaurant could be in good hands.


Case Studies

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At Hermanos Restaurant, over 85% of reservations were coming through the phone, which meant a staff member had to stop what they were doing and manually enter the reservation into the system. The first challenge was moving the clientele over to an online first way of thinking, and then the challenge was to lower the cost of the system once over 80% of reservations were coming in online.

By gearing content and focusing the ad buying, we were able to have the regular customers of the restaurant and newcomers making more reservations online than on the phone in 3-months. We then used custom APIs (programming) and leveraged volume between two reservation systems to achieve a substantial decrease in the costs for the system.


Prairie 360's honeymoon period was over. The owner was looking for a way to increase reservations through a slow time of year, and go viral.

Our team developed a contest that would see over 3500 shares on social media that achieved a reach nearly double the population of the city the restaurant resided in. The concept was simple (mixed with some of our secret sauce). Get couples to share their "How We Met" stories, complete with an early picture of them. The winning couple would be taken care of on their anniversary. All other couples received gift certificates, which led to an uptick in reservations across the board. We even left the best for last ... The contest only applied to anniversaries for the month of August, and ran for 2 weeks. How's that for ROI?

Instagram Growth

A restaurant and sports bar knew the power of Instagram, but had stagnant growth on the social network. Not only was their account not attracting many new potential cusotmers, but the few people that were following the account weren't a part of the target audience.

Through a strong content plan, and focused network growth plans, we were able to grow their network by 230%. Suddenly they had thousands of followers, hundreds of likes per post, and of course, more customers!


Blind Tiger was about to open. The 1920's inspired Speakeasy needed to launch with a bang. These owners couldn't hold out for years, waiting to see profit. In the marketplace, Google search was an important factor, but the address had turned hands too many times and Google was confused (for lack of a better term).

We worked with the owners to hit on all points of SEO, combining digital efforts, and real world media camapaining. Go head, Google "Blind Tiger Winnipeg" and see the results.