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Well, simply put, you're not hiring us to put in 10 hours/month into your digital efforts. You are hiring SYNC to make sure you don't have to worry about digital marketing ever again. We are your digital problem solvers. Doesn't that sound fantastic? We'll take care of the campaigns, we'll make sure new people are exposed to your marketing message every single day, and whether someone interacts with your brand at 1pm or 1am, we'll be there to answer! That's what you're buying. You have a business to run, and should not have to worry about your website, social media, or online reputation. Still interested? Let's keep going to the good stuff.

A year later, 441 is a successful brand, appealing to their target market.
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Lineup Outside Club

Focused Marketing

Your customers are often interacting at night, as late as 4am. How would you like to have a team responding to them? It's important that those out and about are tracked and sold to. Nightclubs, festivals, and lounges provide experiences on the principal products & services of entertainment and alcohol. This presents a unique challenge in that all marketing must be unique, balanced between information and spam, entertaining, and extremely personable. 

We Come from the Nightlife Industry

Our owner started as a successful club/festival promoter, and hosted a TV show inside of nightclubs. On, staff we also have lounge managers, former bartenders, and security guards. We get the unique challenges of selling alcohol, balancing responsibility, and the pressure of being busy on a level most industries never experience.


Case Studies

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When hashtags first became a mainstream sensation, every company was looking for ways to get their customers sharing media with their branded hashtag. Quickly, the market became saturated.

By developing a hashtag with attitude, and associating it with risque imagery, we created an edgy campaign that spoke to the vibe of Whiskey Dix nightclub. The tag was #DixDoesItBetter. By creating a completely customized one-off hashtag we were able to track sharable media from customers, and show ROI. The two-year campaign saw a 300% increase in customer driven content.

An Elevated Brand

441 Main didn't want to be just another nightclub in a saturated market. The owners wanted a unique voice that stood out amongst the issue, "we're awesome" content, coupled with images of women on every flyer. The club also didn't want to rely on bringing in big name DJs.

441's tone and personality took months to perfect. The mixture of high brow humor, and unique imagery appealed to the masses. With designs and content that reflected the audience directly, the 441 Main marketing sees 60%+ female audience, and an average age of 26 (in a market dominated by males and 18 year olds). The result, a year later, 441 is a successful brand, appealing to their target market.


In 2009, 17 nightclubs opened in Winnipeg, Canada. Mystique Nightclub was another one of those clubs. The challenge was that many of the new clubs were failing, and everyone was shouting from the rooftops, attempting to get customers to pay attention.

Social media was all the rage for nightclub promotions in 2009, but everyone was using it the same way. The personal approach of knowing who was a part of the club, and actually talking to the promoters on the street was fast becoming an archaic practice. The owners and management of Mystique recognized this trend, and merged social with actual social qualities. We accomplished this through video. Customers knew the names of the bartenders before ever entering because of the "Meet Your Bartender" series, and the weekly recap videos kept people engaged with the content. All told, in the year during the campaign, Mystique was the most successful nightclub launch of 2009.

Watering Hole

When Blind Tiger speakeasy launched, a great amount of concentration was placed on the mixology of the venue. The challenge, was how to appeal to an audience of drinkers at higher price points than the rest of the community.

The solution to $20 drinks came in the form of targeted advertising. We triangluated the locations where people would often checkin during after work hours, and developed imagery that made a potential customer's mouth water. The after work crowd can often be found in the lounge enjoying Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and Selma Hayeks.

Festival Promotion

Launching an EDM festival in a small market.

Summer of Sound was a risky endevour, that is now in it's 4th year. Now adays, it's a million dollar operation. However, for the 1st year, there were challenges, namely how to get people to pay the prices needed to make the festival a reality. The SOS and Sync team decided to make a big deal out of everything. We treated the marketing of the event like the festival had been around for years, and was as big as EDC. From pre-sale, to even announcements about the washrooms ... everything felt bigger than life. The end result was a huge success that each successive year is built on.