New Tool Coming

Sync has announced a new tool that will hit the market early 2021. The tool is called Caption Crusher, and the goal is to solve the time consuming and costly issue of hiring caption writers. "Think Design Pickle for captions but with AI and far more customizable," says Groen, PCR Manager.


Fear Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Sync's annual Halloween event, Fear has been cancelled for the second year in a row after 4 years of production. In 2019, the event was cancelled due to a devastating fire at the warehouse the event was hosted.


Ben Groen Promoted

Ben Groen, whom many of our clients and customers have come to know over the years has been promoted to PCR Manager. "PCR's are the lifeblood of our office and with Ben running the division, I have every confidence that Sync will thrive!" Says Hall, Chief Strategist.


Sync Studios Open

After a lengthy renovation, Sync Studios has officially opened to the public. The studios include a podcast studio, computer lab, and photo/video studio complete with rolling green, white, and black screens as well as props and large space for various styles of shoots.

JULY 2020

GSP Partnership

Sync is proud to present that we are now the marketing partner with Guaranteed Success Plan, a cutting edge real estate team and training program. The partnership harkens a new era of acquisitions by Sync.

JUNE 2020

New Service

In partnership with Slack, Sync is now offering a virtual consultation service called "Agency in my Pocket". The service gives live access to the Sync team on demand via Slack. Customers will get to ask the team questions about digital marketing, have access to the latest industry information, and get special rates for project based services.

MAY 2020

Free LinkedIn Course

As COVID-19 transforms the job market on various levels, Sync Chief Strategist, Jay Hall offers a LinkedIn Profile Optimization class for free via the Sync website. Check out our blog for more.

APRIL 2020

TicketTote Delayed

Due to COVID-19, the launch of TicketTote scheduled for Las Vegas at the Nightclub and Bar Show has been postponed until further notice. The tool will transform the event ticketing industry and feature an industry leading range of features.

MARCH 2020

$1 D-Fees

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, Diyobo is now offering $1 D-Fees to all of our customers. Fees range from $1.25 - $10.00 normally. The hope is that this fee reduction will help event coordinators keep their ticket prices lower or offer a built-in option to make more money per ticket.


Offices Closed

Due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19, Sync's Canadian office will be closed for the months of February and March. Our US offices will be closed until further notice.


Nightclub & Bar Show

Sync's Chief Strategist, Jay Hall has been announced as a speaker at the Nightclub and Bar Show, where he will launch the newest version of Diyobo, now called TicketTote. "This is a huge moment for us! Over 10 years work culminates at this moment."


New Offices

After years in shared office spaces, Sync has officially moved into our own dedicated offices, giving us the ability to expand our team and elevate our brand to new heights. There is a war room, corporate office, boardroom, and action room.


WIX Partnership

Sync is proud to announce a partnership with the web hosting and design company, WIX. "When we abandoned WordPress due to how insecure and problematic the platform is, we started using Wix," says Hall, Chief Strategist. "With over 500 sites built on the platform, we look forward to 500 more and then some with our new partners."


MITT Partnership

Sync exclusively partners with MITT to offer internships for developers and job placement. "This partnership will ensure the best and brightest talent get a chance to work in the industry while tapping into the resources Sync has available," says Hall, Chief Strategist.