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Jay Hall - Chief Strategist

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 What Sets Sync Apart from Other Agencies?

It’s simple really … our team. We don’t throw darts at a dartboard trying to find something … anything that might stick. Jay, our Chief Strategist (pictured) travels to Palo Alto regularly to engage in masterminds and symposiums at Facebook, Google, and other companies you need to work with. Between the entire team we hold 37 relevant degrees and over 600,000 hours of digital marketing experience.

We’ve produced over 1,000,000 pieces of content, over 500 website, and grown networks by 100m+. The Sync ads team manages over $30m annually in advertising budgets. Top that off with accreditations by Google, Facebook, Magento, SquareSpace, and Stripe along with over 100 digital marketing course completions and we have some serious firepower in the battle of B2B and B2C dollars!

A Sync Solution for You


Tap into the Sync Management team’s wealth of knowledge during business hours via Slack. Imagine having an entire team in your back pocket ready with the answers you need when you need them!


Have a project you need help with; website, a social media campaign, PR, etc? Sync’s team works on hundreds of projects every year. No term is too short or too long. Get a creative + tech savvy team on your side.


Whether you need a website, SEO, social media services, email marketing, OR ALL OF IT TOGETHER we work with dozens of clients to service their needs while you go about your business.

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A Little More About Sync

Sync Digital Solutions is a corporate agency owned by Jay Hall, who is also the Chief Strategist. The staff is kept on task and happy in their jobs by Felisha Mitchell. Between the implementation teams, research division, development team, and research department, Sync is a full service agency specializing to website design/development, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Management.

Expect a level of professionalism but extreme creativity! Jay is a published author and successful event coordinator. Felisha has a PR and marketing degree but comes from the world of nightlife, a key battleground industry for digital marketing. Between the rest of the team we have award winning graphic designers, artists, teachers, world travellers, and musicians. When you work with Sync you will see your brand in a whole new light.

Web Development Meeting with Some of the Team.

Web Development Meeting with Some of the Team.