A great deal of creativity goes into many of the campaigns the SDS team undertake, but none stand out more than those created for Fun Mountain. Not only were the concepts important, but the uptick in interaction as a result had to be managed. In every campaign, the amount of interaction declares if there is interest in what your brand has to offer. Little interaction likely means the public isn’t responding to what you are trying to sell.

Laid in front of us were three unique problems:

  1. In a city where winter and cold weather dominate the calendar year, how could we increase the revenue of an outdoor water park outside of core business months?

  2. Mid-week sales were slower for over 10 years. How do you get a thrifty core customer base to increase the number of times they came to the park, especially mid-week?

  3. How could we create a new customer base?


These questions being the core tenants of our mission for Fun Mountain -allowed us to dig deep and find answers that directly translated into return on investment.

Case Study:

Fun Mountain

Concepts, Interactions & Ideas

How Fun Mountain used Sync Digital Solutions’ creative campaigning department to make their B2C conversions skyrocket with 5 concepts that provided clear ROI!

Running an outdoor waterpark comes with a unique set of challenges, especially in a city not know for it’s great weather. Working with Sync, we were able to mitigate our risks and develop concepts we still use today ... and will in the future!

Darius H.

Fun Mountain, Owner

Solving Problems


To create renewed interest in the park amongst millennials [without kids], SDS created an 18+ concept on Sunday nights called “Sunset Sundays”. The premise was simple: get a liquor permit, open the park late on Sundays, and turn the park into an outdoor nightclub. Once awareness spread, Sunset Sundays averaged 1,200 attendees each night (avg actual club attendance in the city was around 800.) While a Sunday night might seem risky, online polling by SDS showed Sunday nights offered the best opportunity.

We used social media and chat for 100% of the marketing.


Stage one of utilizing the park during the off-season to maximize profits was to launch a Halloween event. The 7-days spooktacular event featured zombies, burning cars, and a full storyline. Over 2,800 people attended the event, which took 3-days to setup. It was a bonafide hit and produced revenue at a time of year when none would have existed.

We used social media and chat for 100% of the marketing.


To create a rush of clientele midweek we introduced 2-4-1 Tuesdays. The concept was again, simple: for every 2 kids in the park, the adult paid for 1! It was a huge hit and brought the average attendance up from 84 to 615. 168 people was the breakeven point on the promotion, but when you take into account the fact that when people save money they are more inclined to spend money, the promotion was a huge success with a 67% increase in concession sales and VIP passes.

We used social media and chat for 100% of the marketing.


Virility is key in the post-traditional marketing world. As such, we launched a social share discount. Anyone that shared an image of them getting ready to go to the park, or in-line received a 10% discount at the door. They also had to tag the park. This discount was small enough to not effect the bottom line in a profound way, but the idea was large enough that on any given day we could trace over 200 social connections to the posts.


We used social media and chat for 100% of the marketing.

41% Ad Spend Decrease

38% Revenue


12,000+ New Social Connections


To create revenue in a meaningful, long-lasting way, a connection must be formed with the audience and the easiest way to do so is to listen to what they are saying about your brand. Technology was merely the vehicle to communicate that connection, but in giving the audience what they wanted (even if it didn’t seem to make sense at the time) Fun Mountain had the ability to fill a hole in the marketplace. All together, SDS staff manned over 1,000,000 interactions over 2 seasons with Fun Mountain and set the waterpark up to continue their success in-house. Sync Digital Solutions has used the campaign and collect approach for many clients to increase revenue and product ROI.