Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where's your portfolio?

Sync Digital Solutions does not publish our clients. In direct one-on-one meetings, we will present relevant works, but we don't put our clients out there for the world to see, and it's for a very good reason. History has shown that boutique agencies go to websites such as our's, and attempt to poach clients by putting clients on automated mailing lists. By keeping our lists confidential, we protect the interests of our clients, and keep their inboxes clean.


I need all of your services, do you package?

We actually prefer to package services. SEO and social media now work hand-in-hand. Website share-ability is easier when it's all managed by one agency. Multimedia for social media can be complicated, and often times, having more cooks in the kitchen complicates the process.


Where are you based out of?

Sync is based out of Winnipeg, Canada. However, given our global client base, we keep our staff and freelancers mobile. This allows us to attend conferences and keep up with digital trends, while working on behalf of our clients daily.


What is your pricing strategy?

We would like to say up front that we are not the cheapest option for your business. We tailor each of our offerings to the individual client, and those prices are based on quality work. With so many marketing strategists working out of their basements, you can find a cheaper solution, but you get what you pay for. We offer comprehensive services above and beyond many agencies.


What are your terms like?

Our minimum contract is 6-months. Our longest contract is currently seven years. We have goal based terms to ensure your expectations are met each month.