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When it comes to email IT, Google has the best email suite available. You're probably familiar with the functionality of Gmail. But, did you know you can get the awesome power and ease of use that Gmail provides for your custom domain? is hosting through Google, and not only do we have a great email experience, but also great Office (docs, spreadsheets, etc) tools as well.

Send in Blue

You've probably heard of Mailchimp but you may not have heard of SIB. There's good reason for that! SIB has grown their business organically through happy customers. We started using the platform for email marketing after a referral from a college and never looked back! Robust, easy to use, great updates, and superior metrics make SIB the only email marketing platform we use.

With our partner, SendinBlue, email marketing is elevated to a whole other level. While your social profiles can be taken away at any time, you own your email lists, thus making email marketing a very powerful proprietary tool.


Reach the masses with beautiful and informative emails while growing your list on auto-pilot, and use one of the world's best email metrics platforms to learn about your audience.

If you've looked into digital marketing at any point in time you've likely come in contact with the term, "funnels". 

Funnels start at the top with a wide audience and then as that audience moves through the funnel tire kickers are removed, then non-committal people, then those who simply can't afford what you have to offer. From email to site to landing page, a funnel is critical. Our friends at Digital Marketer do a great job explaining funnels here.

When building your email lists you must have a funnel that encompasses various landing pages depending on their purpose. A funnel drives results from ads to a sign up. 

The first page you'll have is a basic offer. If they don't sign up on the spot, various ads with more focused landing pages (in a completely different funnel) must be used. It's all about proper structure that delivers promises which appeal to the customer.

Email IT is critical to business success because it is the backbone of comms.


With our partner, Google Apps for Work, we deliver the power of Gmail with tools that rival Office, while properly setting up your inbox for success!

Google even offers routing, group emails, cloud storage, and many other features that a growing business needs to succeed.

Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Email IT

When most people hear "email" they think of an inbox and nothing more. However, email & funnels encompass several aspects of internet marketing:

  • Email Marketing

  • Email IT

  • Funnel Generation

  • Landing Pages

We'll explore each aspect in depth below.

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Our salon email is critical to new launches and promotions. With the direct connection to our website and Sync knowledge, we convert regularly.

Kristen K
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We challenged Sync to replace a nearly $350,000 per year coupon campaign digitally. What cost us that, now costs us $10,000. Huge win!

Mike K
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It's amazing what simply staying in touch with clients can do. When you provide value, they stay and read keeping you top of mind.

Ed D

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