Sync Digital Solutions is the development company behind Diyobo, Inc. As we continue to upgrade Diyobo for a more robust and well designed experience, we want to keep you, the ticket seller informed of what to look out for. Here's a list of upgrades and new features that are on the horizon.

NOTE: The dates associated with each feature update are rough estimates. 

PROMOTER & VENDOR (P/V) DASHBOARD - September 15, 2017
Everyone loves the promoter and vendor feature on Diyobo. Now you can track all the sales at stores and promoters that sell tickets to your event. The bonus is there are no more lost tickets as well. To finish off this feature we will be launching a P/V Dashboard. Promoters and vendors will be able to login to their accounts and see which events they have been added to, along with their link, cash code, number of tickets available to sell, and financial summary.

As we moved from the old 2007 design to the new 2017 design, we had to upgrade the financial reporting section in 4 phases. The final phase is near completion. The chart will show expenses and refunds broken out, a more comprehensive CSV export, and a quick look feature, as well as a date selector similar to that when booking airfare.

ABC ALL LISTS - September 20, 2017
Currently there are a few lists that sort by order of added. For example, when you add a promoter to your event, the list does not sort by first name. This feature will be implemented.

APP UPDATE - October 1, 2017
We've been working diligently on the Diyobo app to make it an amazing experience for sellers. Several features will be implemented in our next update on iOS and Android. 

  1. Manual Entry - There are quite a few reasons why a QR code won't scan including sunlight, the dimness of a screen, wrinkles in paper, and other factors. This is why we have a back up entry system. Currently, you have to enter in the Validation code which can be clunky as you have to switch between letters and numbers, then auto-correct can make your life difficult. You will soon be able to enter the ticket number and select the tier, which we have found makes the process roughly about 3 seconds.
  2. Offline Mode - This feature is currently available but will be optimized for devices with little storage. Offline Mode allows you to upload your event data to the device and then use your scanner without internet.
  3. Counter - Design changes are coming to our counter. Also, you will now be able to see total scans, as well as scans on the device.
  4. Multi-Date Functionality - If you sell a ticket for more than one day on the same tier, the scan will reset to "Allow" before the next date of the event.

Google now has an event integration service for people searching, "Events Near Me" and other keywords. We will have Diyobo fully integrated into this system.

TICKET TRANSFERS - October 31, 2017
Given the amount of fraud out there in the world, we are protecting your interests as best we can. At the end of October we will launch a ticket transfer service where in order to sell a ticket the sale must go from one Diyobo account to another. On all tickets it will state, "If you purchased this ticket without a Diyobo account your purchase may be voided by the ticket seller. Only purchase tickets that can be transferred to a Diyobo account to protect against fraud."

more updates will be listed here as they become available.