Tools That Make Life Easier

Digital tools are websites and/or apps that make a certain job or task easier. In total, Sync has 2 active tools, 1 in development and 2 in conceptual stages.


Diyobo has hosted 40,000 events and has 480,000 users with brilliant event planner tools and affordable fees.


Windworks takes Windward/website integration and flips it on it’s ear for platforms like Shopify, Magento & Woocommerce.

Caption Crusher

Caption writing is cumbersome, time consuming and expensive for many businesses, let’s crush all of that and get you writing captions in seconds!

Coming Mid-2021 | Currently in Production

What's a Digital Tool Anyway?

  • Diyobo: The event ticketing website has hosted some of North America’s largest non-reserved seating events as well as small and intimate shows since 2007. Coming in 2021, a whole new experience for event organizers and ticket buyers as we launch version 3.0.

  • Windworks: Point-of-Sale integration can be tricky business, especially when using Windward solutions. Our team of super geniuses created an app called Windworks (because it actually works) that will tie together your website with the Windward system. There are entire companies that are decades old and barely offering solutions. Our developers kicked their asses in less than 2 months. Wax on, wax off!

  • Caption Crusher: A whole new way to create captions for social media posts is coming early 2021.

  • U CAN DO IT: The most powerful to do list app will be available by summer 2021.

  • Concert: A super secret, ridiculously ambitious project that will change the way you … well, you’ll just have to wait and see! Don’t you hate when companies tease you like that? Especially Netflix! C’mon, season 5 of Lucifer in 2 parts months separated? The worst!

Working on Java

Our team works with several languages, so you can kinda call them multi-lingual. Geniuses, huh?

Working on CSS

Think of CSS as the style of the internet. While other languages control function, CSS is the aesthetic.

The Dream Team

Our dev team is run primarily by Brett (C), but Dhruv (L) leads front-end projects, while Blake (R) is a master on the back-end.