34124 Fort Richmond
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5T5

Canadian Number:
(204) 800-0896

US Number:
(702) 330-5712

Sync Digital Solutions Office

Consider These Stats When Hiring Sync

  • The average student right out of school, hired to handle digital marketing costs $3830/month. At Sync, our average contract is $5000/month for an experienced team.
  • An in-house staff member will work 8 hours/day. Sync works 24 hours/day. So if you wanted to cover the same ground Monday - Friday that Sync does with an in-house staff, you would need to hire 3 people which would equal $11490/month.
  • Sync has delivered over 2,000,000 pieces of content annually.
  • We have all skills in-house, and that means all aspects of your marketing are covered. You aren't bound to one person who knows social well, but doesn't understand SEO just as well.


If you're looking for a position with Sync please fill out this form, and include a link to your portfolio.

We do not take standard resumes. A large portion of what we do is creative. The other portion is digital. Show us what you've got.

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