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  • 1805-201 Portage Avenue

  • Winnipeg, MB

  • Canada

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Consider These Stats When Hiring Sync

  • The average student right out of school, hired to handle digital marketing costs $3,830 - $5,600/month. At Sync, our average contract is $5,000/month for an experienced team.

  • An in-house staff member will work 8 hours/day. Sync works 24 hours/day. So if you wanted to cover the same ground Monday - Friday that Sync does with an in-house staff, you would need to hire 3 people which would equal $11,490 - $16,800/month.

  • Sync has delivered over 2,000,000 pieces of content annually.

  • We possess all skills in-house, and that means all aspects of your marketing are covered. You aren't bound to one person who knows social well, but doesn't understand SEO just as well.

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