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Sync Digital Solutions - Digital Marketing Consultaiton

We know that not every business wants to outsource their marketing efforts, however we also know that every business wants to tap into the latest and most factual information. That’s where our Consultation Service comes in.

Using the world’s #1 business communication platform, Slack, we set up a virtual terminal for you to ask the SDS team whatever you’d like about your marketing efforts. Our managers will offer valuable advice, statistics, and articles that will aid in your efforts to take your marketing to the next level … a cut above your competition.

Join the dozens of companies that use our knowledge as their secret weapon.

Recently, our Chief Strategist wrote a blog about the Agency in my Pocket service. Click here to read it.

How much does consultation cost?

We charge $579/month for our consultation service or if buying an annual subscription the service costs $449/month in one payment. That’s a savings of over $1500! This includes access to our managers and Slack (setup and ready for you).

How available are you?

When you are a consultation client you have access to managers from 10am - 5pm CST Monday - Friday. You can expect answers within 4 hours during these hours, however replies are often much quicker (within an hour). We offer 4 hours as the benchmark just in case an emergency detains managers (like when Facebook crashed).

If you require service outside of these hours there is an upgrade option.

Can we arrange phone calls as well?

Yes! Absolutely that can be arranged. But, do keep in mind we have an established process with Slack and it has worked for dozens of our clients. If you’d rather monthly phone calls, that can be arranged in lieu of Slack.


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