Client Survey

We Want to Learn More About You

Cold calls are the worst and since we know you're busy, we've built this form to learn the basics about you and your brand prior to speaking. Just fill out the survey and give us 24 - 48 business hours to learn as much as we can so we both have something to say besides pleasantries. 

Three things we'll guarantee after you finish off this survey and we speak over the phone:

  1. There will be a plan.

  2. There will be a price.

  3. There will be a lot for you to consider.

Help Guide

Personal Info

Why We Ask? Well, we need to know who we're calling and potentially working with. Plus, it allows us to check the internet for references to you. In the past, we've ended up offering different deal bonuses for people or barter based on our searches.

We can learn a lot from an email. Do you have a company branded email or a free email. This matters to SEO and the overall level of your online branding. Plus ... we need to know where we can contact you with a contract.

We require a phone number because our sales team prefer to speak on the phone for an initial conversation. This way we can both get a feeling for how personalities meld.

Company Name
If you have one, great. If not, that's okay too. We help companies of all sizes. We like to check on companies before the initial call. It allows us to go into the call with much more to say than just, "how can we help?"


If you have a website, we need to run scans before talking to you. Your website design, functionality and SEO ranking are at the core of a good digital marketing strategy.

Social Accounts
When we look at your social media accounts, our team can learn a lot about your brand. How do you present your brand to the public? How satisfied are your customers? Where are the opportunities? Sure, we could get on the call and offer blanket solutions but we'd rather be armed with good intel to help you as quickly as possible with your digital marketing efforts.

Satisfaction Details

We're really looking to gauge your gut instinct regarding how each digital marketing effort is going. You know, instinctively, whether or not something is working. Often times, by simply thinking about your satisfaction levels you can get a great grasp on your needs.

Does it function the way you want? Is it missing information? Do people complain about something to do with your website constantly? These questions and more will help you decide how happy you are with your website.

SEO Leads
Google yourself incognito and see where you land. Are you happy? Now, ask every customer how they heard of you. Many should be able to say, "you came up in search". If not, you can't possibly be happy. 

Social Content
Do you have a strategy? Is your work consistent? Do people respond, share, or like your content? How happy does thinking about these things make you?

Number of Followers & Fans
The average brand with an active network growth strategy grows their network by about 8% annually. We have brands growing by up to 4000% annually. How do your numbers stack up?

Social Leads
Do you have leads coming in from social media? Do people DM questions? Do your posts get clicks? If you're putting $1000 into social, what are you getting back?

Think about your brand for a moment; your logo, colours, letterhead, business cards, etc. Are you happy? Now think about your competition. Do they do anything better? How happy are you now?

Company Intel

Facebook Ads
If you run Facebook ads that tells us where you should be at with your strategy and allows us to connect some dots before we talk.


Google Ads
If you say yes, we can look up the ads and give you an honest assessment right away!


SEO Campaign
If you've worked with an agency on SEO or built a campaign then we should be able to compliment current efforts, or at least, we'll have a starting point for a great conversation about this critical piece of your strategy.

Agency Work
If you've worked with an agency before we're going to have a completely different conversation than if you're a rookie to the agency game. 

Tell Us Anything
The more details you can provide in this section, the more we can prepare for the initial call. Give it to us. There is no such thing as too much information.