Millions of Combinations

Our captions are adaptable to your brand tone, offer custom synonyms, and are easy to download. Millions of combinations ensures that you'll never run into a brand with the exact same caption as yours!

Brand Based Info

Our Brand Survey intelligently creates captions in seconds. Just fill in the info and have multiple selections at your finger tips. No more typing out your business name, phone, address, website, and more!

Updated Weekly

Our crack team of writers are busy adding more captions to our database weekly. It is our goal to have 25,000 captions in the database by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Over 80% of brands find caption writing time consuming and annoying. So, Caption Crusher takes care of the writing for you with an intelligent system of captioning.

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Benefits & Features


As if you don't already know, caption writing can be a huge pain for a multitude of reasons. Caption Crusher crushes all the excuses.


Writers generally hate writing captions! They want to write long-form content that lasts for years, not captions that come and go in days. Get your writers writing what they were born to write! Let us handle the captions.


The average caption takes 15 minutes to write from concept to complete. With Caption Crusher, your captions are ready within 30 seconds, freeing up your team to work on more important to do list items. Nearly every office needs more time!


The average writer costs $5700 per month! Caption Crusher (depending on the plan) is roughly $40/month. Either task your writer to more important content or bank those savings! Either way, you get ahead using Caption Crusher.

Quickly Please!

Initial setup from signup to band survey information takes about 20 minutes and then captioning takes 30 seconds. Your suggested captions will always be added within 1 business day, and your service requests will be answered within a day as well.


Not all captions are created equal. Our captions are customizable by brand information, phrase, synonyms, and more. One caption could become 100 with just a few clicks.

More Features Coming

In the future, we will be adding full AI caption creation with your brand info, captioning that applies to uploaded images, and we'll push your captions to the platforms you work with most! Stay tuned for more!

Supplementary Services We Provide