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Take a Look at These Logos

Even with the text wiped out from the logos in this graphic, we bet you can name at least 7 of these companies. In our office, we had 3 people that could name each and every company! That's the power of a plan and a brand.

That's the Power of Branding

Imagine customers knowing your brand so well that they don't even need to see your name. Advertising becomes that much easier as a result. Never discount the value of cohesive branding.

Branding Sound

We've established the importance of a great logo but we haven't explored how to get there. Sync's design team will learn all they can about your brand and then build out a concept board. Once they are satisfied that they have created an ideal number of options, you'll see the designs and give personal direction. The key is to create a logo that embodies what your business is all about.

Designing for print is far more complex on some levels than designing for the web. Every printer has different specs that they need met to get the job done. Sometimes the bleed is different, at times the markup is different, and now, in 2021, colouring can be wildly varied. We work with printing companies all over the world to deliver the best large file sized print graphics the right way every time.

While less complicated than print, web design has its own set of complications. If you're running a thorough digital marketing campaign you can have up to 75 different formats for your graphics with all kinds of varying specs. The key is experience. When you've worked with digital for as long as Sync Digital Solutions has, we have a natural instinct for digital marketing formats. We also know what gets clicks!

Colours and textures are just as important as a great logo design. The right shade mixed with the right continuous design can catch an eye from distance and immediately trigger a person to think of your brand. Being unique is key. It's why we picked orange as our dominant colour. Orange pops off of white and black, and in a world obsessed with blue and red, we stand out!

Logo Design
Print Design
Online Design
Colours & Texture

Branding is not only the first step to success, but one of the most important. Nearly every element of your marketing and advertising is influenced by your brand if you’re doing things right.

From you logo to your hex code, from flyers to pictures you post online, it should all look like it came from you. Think of Coke, IKEA, Starbucks and Apple. You would recognize any of advertising at a glance because you know what their look. That's a powerful precedent.

Ready to elevate your brand?

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I have launched several businesses and a few of them have had Sync branding. Each and every time, I'm more impressed than before.

Sync Digital Solutions Client Jim Dobbin
Jim D
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Sync has developed many brands for our group of restaurants. Each and every time, I'm impressed with their work and speed.

Sync Digital Solutions Client Michael Kaye
Mike K
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My dad developed our brand years ago and when I started to take over it was important to modernize. With Sync, we stand out.

Sync Digital Solutions Client Ed Dale
Ed D

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